Hike for Life & My most sincere apologies

Hike for Life & My most sincere apologies

My Apologies

I want to offer my most sincere apologies for not keeping this updated.  My 2017 was one of those years everything gets put on hold, because life throws everything at you all at once. My 2018 started out the same way, but I kept my head down and pulled through the other end still intact. I didn’t keep the site updated because I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep it running. Now that I am, I can announce my Hike For Life plans for 2018.

Hike For Life

2017 was a bust! 2018 all systems GO! My 2018 Hike For Life on April 29th, 36 days from now. My time is limited this year because of my other life obligations. As a result, I had to change the trail that I will be hiking. This year’s hike, the Wisconsin Ice Age Trail starting in St. Croix Falls, WI and ending in Sturgeon Bay, WI. It is a 1,200 mile trail. It will take me through some of the prettiest parts of the state. Heading east from St. Croix Falls to the Antigo area, than south through the center of the state to Janesville, then back north east to Sturgeon Bay. I am expecting the hike to last about 75 days.

Goals For This Year

My end goal hasn’t changed, I still want to register 2,190 NEW Organ & Tissue Donors. It’s been said patience is a virtue and I am for the most part. I will keep hiking and talking to everyone until I reach my goal. I have touched the hearts of 38 people who signed up using my Donate Life link.  Personally, I would like to have 36 new registrants before I leave on my Hike For Life and one for every mile hiked this year.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget if you are not an Organ & Tissue Donor, become one! You can make a difference in someone’s life, be a hero and register here!


Bill “Tinman” Spence

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