Wow what a Month! Heart Transplant Needs Your Help!

Wow what a Month! Heart Transplant Needs Your Help!

Wow, what a month this last January has been! Everything grounded to a halt, my rehab and all my prep work for my hike. All because I came in contact with someone who was sick for a minute or two. I started to feel better and I was suddenly with one of the worst pains an individual can have. A kidney stone! I’m happy to say that I am feeling human again and pain free! There is still more good news to report, so far all of my annual heart transplant testing results are coming up roses. One of the the medical staff told me I had the heart of a twenty year old. YEAH!

Now, back to the real reason that I am here in the first place.  I need your help. I have a great many LIKES on Facebook, I need you to SHARE this site and these posts so I can reach my goal of 2,190 newly registered Organ & Tissue donors. It’s easy, just click on the “DONATE LIFE” logo and click on “Sign Up Now”.

I as a transplant recipient I have lived through the worst life can throw at a person. Transplant recipients have to be so much more watchful and wary of things in everyday life, then most of you don’t even give a second thought to. Like a kiss and hug from a loved one or friend, a hand shake, having a meal in a restaurant or a bar having drinks with friends. Transplants become accustomed to regular medical check ups and blood work. I will need to make six trips to and from the trail to major medical facilities. Each will cost a minimum $500. I have created a gofundme page and with your help cover these additional costs. No amount is too small.

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